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You can also buy unique flower designs for special occasions, such as the Fabulous Feline Get Well, which is shaped like a tiny kitty and is sure to make anyone feel a little bit better.

This was partially because the roses had some of the biggest blooms we had ever seen, which lasted for an impressive 11 days. For these reasons, this is our best overall pick of the best online flower delivery services.

5 Last Minute Flower Delivery Sites For Valentine's Day Arrivals

We ordered the One Dozen Red Roses bouquet from ProFlowers at a shockingly reasonable price, and it was very well-liked by our team of reviewers. It also provides online order tracking if you want to see where your order is. ProFlowers allows you to customize your order with different vases, or you can choose not to include a vase at all. Our order came in a box, which meant it was hard to unpackage.

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Birthday balloon delivered with mixed flower bouquet Available for delivery same day Best Wishes Bouquet with Birthday Balloon SRP $ $ Get beautiful flowers delivered today at a great price with Same-Day Flower Deals of the Day.

Our 11 reviewers rated bouquets based on appearance, smell, whether they would recommend the company to someone else, and whether they thought the flowers were worth the price. The ProFlower bouquet received a B for overall freshness and quality and lasted for an impressive 11 days. Online Gift & Flower Delivery Made Easy

Teleflora stood out because of its large selection of bouquets and the stunning beauty of the dozen red roses we ordered. Teleflora stood out because of its large selection of bouquets and the stunning beauty of the dozen red roses we ordered and received. With Teleflora you can choose between a standard, deluxe or premium bouquet in a huge variety of flowers. The arrangement we received had large deep-red blossoms that were already open, paired with several varieties of flat-leafed greenery that added just the right amount of contrast.

There are a plenty of traditional blooms to choose from including roses, daisies and lilies as well, but there is also a huge selection of exotic flowers. You can get succulents, hydrangeas, herbs or even join the Bulb of the Month Club to receive amaryllis, tulips, crocuses or begonias, just to name a few. Instead of going for a traditional bouquet you could order a bonsai tree, orchid, or even a beautiful bunch of lavender. There are also unique vases and packaging so your order stands out.

The bouquet of red roses we ordered received a relatively acceptable grade of C- from our team of reviewers.

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  • Flower Delivery from Teleflora.

You can "quick view" each bouquet and it's pricing information or view each bouquet on its own page to select the size, delivery location and date. There are extra gifts to add right then and there so you don't have to look for them separately.

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Flower delivery services offer a wide range of flowers for any occasion. One thing to keep in mind, however, is whether an online company sends flowers from its own warehouse or outsources to a local florist. When a local florist is contracted to fill an order, flowers can show up looking a little different because of artistic interpretation of a bouquet or sometimes even a shortage of a certain type of flower. The sticker price of any given bouquet from an online flower delivery service can increase considerably with a delivery charge.

There are several things you can do to keep cut flowers alive for as long as possible. ProFlowers recommends cutting 1 to 2 inches off the stems before putting them in a vase. Cut the stems at an angle to improve water intake, and continue this process every couple of days. Use room temperature water in your vase and change it out every two or three days, along with any flower food that came with the bouquet. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you should keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight and heat. Don't display them near fresh fruit either, as fruit releases gases that can kill your flowers faster.

ProFlowers conducted tests with myriad household items that are supposed to keep your flowers alive longer: vodka, apple cider vinegar, hairspray and even bleach.

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Deal Of The Day. Windflower Florist. Show Less Show More. Shopping for a flower gift is all about making the recipient smile. The Popcorn Factory. Men like stronger looking styles that are structured, while women prefer soft bouquets with light or mixes colors.

It found keeping flowers chilled in the fridge rendered the best results, along with adding a little lemon-lime soda to the bouquet's water. The home remedy yielding the worst results was hairspray, so keep the Aqua Net away from your flowers at all cost! We thought the best way to find the top flower delivery service would be to order the same thing from each one. So, we ordered either a dozen or two dozen red roses from each website and scheduled them for delivery on the same day.

When they arrived we either left them in their respective vases or unpackaged them from their boxes, noting how they looked and following the instructions that came with each bouquet. All of the boxed flowers came with at least one packet of plant food and instructions to clip about an inch or two off the bottom of the stems before putting them in a vase. The pre-arranged bouquets came with no instructions and no plant food, so we left them alone. Some bouquets we received were short a flower or two, while others sent us 12 even though we had ordered After letting the bouquets sit overnight, we then took surveys rating the look and smell of each bouquet, as well as whether they appeared to be worth the price, including shipping and handling.

The flowers remained in our lab in the following days as we kept their water fresh and collected data on how quickly their blooms opened. We also waited for how long it took them to die, which to us was when the majority of the blooms were droopy, falling apart and no longer visually appealing. The cost of a bouquet varies by the type of flowers you want and how many. Obviously, the larger and more extravagant the bouquet is, the more expensive it is. Bouquets can be expensive because many flowers are grown on another country or even continent and often harvested by hand.

Now you know where to go to get the best flower delivery, there are several things you can do to keep cut flowers alive for as long as possible. Best gift baskets of Nourish your friendship with a food hamper. You also have the delivery option of tracked next day flower delivery if you place the order before 10pm. Learn more Got it.


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